A child comes to school to learn, understand and develop. The idea is to make learning interesting and understandable to actually achieve these goals. So, the whole academic process has to be broken down properly into manageable units and then presented to the child. The team at HHMS has done just that. We follow the method of programmed learning, researched and developed entirely at HHMS. The content that has to be taught to the child for each subject during each period, is planned in advance. Multimedia presentations are made so that the children understand the concept properly. There are comparisons with known situations, demonstrations, animations, charts, diagrams and graphs – all which enhance understanding. This is the first introduction to the topic.

After that, the children discuss the important concepts with the teacher and the teacher asks the children some pointed and thought provoking questions. This ensures that the children have picked up the important points of the lesson. Then they are given practice material in the form of worksheets. Children solve these sheets and understanding of that topic is reinforced.

After this activity, there are revision periods for that topic and then a small test is conducted – either on paper or in the lab. Regular tests in school call for regular studying on the student’s part – which is a habit that is extremely useful in later life. Because of so much planning, each and every topic can be completed comfortably. It can be taught well and patiently. There is never any last minute rush to finish the portion. The children do not feel pressurized before an exam. They do not develop a ‘learning phobia’. In fact, learning becomes a pleasure, and the students are always eager and willing to learn more. This is exactly the result that we were looking for when we developed this whole new revolution in education!

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