Events/Extra Curricular Activities

Festivals are a celebration time for the HHMS family. Being in India, we are all charged up at such times. All the boys and girls right from nursery take part in these celebrations. All round exposure and development is what we strive for. We make it compulsory for every child to make an appearance on the stage in the morning assembly as that is the only way to tackle stage fright. They anchor the entire gathering and present dances, poetry, thought of the day and plays on the stage. They are trained to speak on the stage, dance and act during the school programmes. With our emphasis on Sports, we have a Sports Week too, where there are competitions for all the sports that we teach in the school.

The Science Exhibition is one of a kind, where we have maximum students participating, with maximum of them making working models. This again, shows that children at HHMS have a very hands-on approach to everything.

Excursions and field trips are also planned during the school year. The children are taken to museums, historical places, forts or factories and amusement parks for refreshment. This helps the children obtain firsthand experience of things that they learn about in the curriculum. It is a fantastic experience and provides for fond memories later on. We have inter-house quizzes, competitions with a finale on stage; student conferences; career guidance seminars and many smaller events.

There are various competitions during the school year – like Drawing, Craft, Posters, Handwriting, Essay writing, Elocution, Debate, Extempore, Fancy dress, Orthography, Storytelling, and many more events. Children actively participate in these and also help in organizing these events.

Republic Day and Independence Day are celebrated in the school too. Children march, sing patriotic songs and salute the national flag, which again is in tune with our vision. All in all, it is a highly charged up scene in the school, at any time. Students handle most of the events, and it is great to watch them learning, organizing, and doing things all the time!

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